Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Workamper News Rendezvous -- Day 2

Wagon Circle RV Park, Heber Springs, AR (35.449483, -91.911632)

Day 2 of the Workamper Rendezvous was a beautiful weather day although chilly at the start and end. We remote started the truck to warm it up before we headed for town. Everyone was in place early and appeared ready to go.

For the first block Michelle and I attended together a Webinar on Campground Manager Software Training. Peter Kearns and one of his staff gave a demonstration of Campground Manager proprietary software and services offered in conjunction with it. They came to us via webcam from their office. This session was a sales pitch for their Campground ManagersSoftware Certification Training. Both of us felt the software would be relatively easy to learn and I filed this one away for future reference.

For my second session I took in Your RV Checkup. This seminar focused on developing knowledge, skills, and confidence to do your own RV repair. Our instructor was Terry Cooper. The current cost of shop labor at over $100 per hour makes me think that doing repairs myself is a good investment. ... and besides all that Terry has a cool truck.

Michelle sat in on An Apple A Day Keeps the IRS Away. This presentation by George Montgomery is designed to help us understand the tax aspects of the Workamping and RV lifestyles.

For lunch today we walked over to the nearby Good Times Family Restaurant. I had half a Muffuletta. Michelle had a New Orleans Oyster Po' Boy. We shared our table with two other rendezvous attendees. I'm embarassed to say I do not remember their names.

Our first afternoon block was held at the Dam Site Campground where several attendees had their rigs open to show. Of course they were the big exotic ones with six digit price tags. However we did get to see the big cousin to our unit–the Montana High Country. There was a lot to oohh and aahh but we came away pretty happy with our Cougar High Country.

Back in the classroom Michelle attended R&D Your Workamping Future hosted by Steve Anderson. He discussed why some workampers have no problem designing their future and getting the great jobs. Michelle came away with a lot of notes, which says it was a good sessions.

At the same time I enjoyed two webinars under the title Consider SD or TX for Your Domicile State. The first was offered by “Your Best Address” mail and registration handling service in Sioux Falls, SD. The second was a presentation by Shawn Loring an attorney for Escapees RV Club discussing the legal aspects of “Domicile”. I found this one particularly interesting. As we move toward our personal goal of full–time RVing and Workamping, the question of Domicile has been lingering in my mind.

We capped off the day with Round Table Discussions. Here volunteer workampers give brief descriptions of their RVing Workamping experiences and open the floor to questions. There will be a total of eight sessions. Four today (Wed) and four tomorrow (Thu). Each session is 30 minutes and attendees rotate among the four. Michelle and I will participate tomorrow afternoon. Today we got to listen.

Today was a good day.

We joined Linda Mclain and Christi ?? for dinner at Mack's Fish House. I had a three piece fried catfish dinner with brown beans, french fries, cole slaw, and hushpuppies. Michelle had Mahi-Mahi with baked potato, brown beans, pickled onions, and hush puppies.

It was pretty tired out tonight but not as bad as last night so I braved the chilly evening and took a much needed shower. Sleeping clean always feels better.

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