Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ava and Annie

Fayetteville, NC

This weekend we made the 500-mile trek to Fayetteville to spend time with Tricia, Tony, and Ava. The visit started off with a fifth-grade awards ceremony at Ava's elementary school on Friday morning. She made us proud by receiving awards for perfect attendance, citizenship, and honor roll.

Mrs. Baily's Fifth Grade Award Recipients
Ava is the really tall one in the back row

The main event was the high school performance of 'Annie' on Friday evening. The play includes scenes involving a group of orphans. The high school drama coach recruited elementary school students for these parts and Ava got to be an orphan – a small part but significant for her.

Visiting Fayetteville always provides a chance to snoop around for Ava's latest artwork. This time, she surprised me with two nice paintings done in acrylic.

It was a good weekend. In a few weeks, they will join us in Florida for a couple days at Disney World. Everyone is looking forward to that.