Saturday, October 19, 2013

On Our Way Again

Walmart Supercenter # 659, Nashville, TN (36.130474, -86.905840)

We slept in the Cougar last night. That felt good because it means we are about to take off on a new adventure. All pre–departure chores were completed yesterday so this morning was easy. We hit the road at 0845 and spent most of the morning driving in the rain. We got out of it about noon as we traveled through Kentucky. My plan was to stop at Franklin, KY just under 300 miles but we reached Franklin early and picked up an extra hour by moving into central time. So we decided to press on to Nashville and stay the night at a Walmart Supercenter (I-40 exit 201). For the day we covered 344 miles in 7:50.

This Walmart parking lot is very busy -- it looks like a truck stop. The word is really out about Walmart's hospitality for overnight parking and truckers are taking advantage of it also. I can't complain because we often take advantage of their space.

During the day at one of our stops, I saw water dripping from the underside of the Cougar. Later I also discovered that one LP gas tank was empty. Shame on me for not doing a check and fill while we were home in Ohio. Another sign that my memory is just about gone. After we got parked, Michelle told me that the truck was almost out of gas. One 12v battery in the Cougar, a water leak from an unknown source, an unknown amount of LP gas, and the truck almost out of gas. Guess what I thought about all night?

It's cold tonight and it would be nice to have unrestricted use of the furnace. We ran it for a little while before bed with the truck running; then shut everything down and relied on body heat to keep us warm in bed.