Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Official

Yuma Trail, Jamestown, OH

Major milestone this week. On Tuesday 24 May, the sign went up. I guess it's official now.

I get the feeling selling a house is like trying to swim out of quicksand. Things that we haven't cared about for 30 years, now have to be done with great urgency. "Stuff" that we haven't seen for 30 years, now has to be carefully packed in case we might need it someday. I told both my kids that if they take the junk offered now, they can off load it at the nearest dumpster on their way home. If they wait until I die, the same stuff becomes "priceless family heirlooms" they will be required to keep forever.

Travel plans have changed. We are going to Myrtle Beach, SC for two weeks (May 31 to Jun 14), then returning home to continue working on the house until "the list" is completed. First order of business is the world's biggest garage sale followed by the world's biggest trip to Goodwill.