Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fire !

Pioneer Store Museum
Chloride, NM 87943
GPS Coordinates (in three formats):
N 33.338660o, W 107.681144o
N 33o 20.3196', W 107o 40.8687'
N 33o 20' 19.17", W 107o 40' 52.12"
Elevation: 6,186 feet

Question: When you live in the middle of nowhere, with no fire company, how do you protect yourself against fire?

Answer: You buy your own Fire Truck. Like this one – Chloride No 3

Truck Body: 1947 International KB-8 Body and chassis
Class: Full-size pickup truck.

The K and KB trucks were produced by the International Harvester Company, the first being the K introduced in mid 1940. In total there were 42 models, 142 different wheelbase lengths and load ratings ranging from 1/2 ton to 90,000 lbs. They are best known for their durability, prewar design in a postwar era, and low price. The followup to the K, the KB, was introduced in 1947.

International OHV straight 6 "Red Diamond" Engine

Fire Truck built by Central of St. Louis, MO

Engine driven 500 gpm pump capable of pressure
and suction on both sides of truck

Body of truck holds a 1,000 gallon tank

Two hose reels each with 150 feet of 1 inch diameter high pressure hose.
Manual hand crank rewind

Two 10 foot suction sections

One 16 ft extension ladder


Don purchased the fire truck in 2001 and drove it to Chloride from its previous home in Mt Vernon, WA where it had served for four years (1998 – 2001). It began life in 1947 in Green River, DE (1947 – 1967). It moved to Upper Deerfield, NJ, where it saw five years of service first as an active fire truck, then as a parade vehicle (1992 – 1997). Here in Chloride it gets trotted out for special occassions like the Winston Festival

When you get old enough,
you get to wear a special name tag ...

... have a place of honor leading the parade ...

... and pose for pictures with other old things