Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Bob Hamilton

Skydive Space Center
Arthur Dunn Air Park
480 North Williams Avenue
Titusville, Florida 32796
GPS: 28.620514,-80.832372

Today we joined a group of folks gathered at Skydive Space Center at the Arthur Dunn Air Park to help Bob Hamilton celebrate his 85th birthday. He had decided today was a great day to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

The scene of the crime

Birthday Boy all harnessed up

He convinced nine other folks to join him. In this picture Bob is hiding in the back.

01. Wes Hyde05. Joe Reus08. Trish Hamilton
02. Linda Utz06. Andy Hamilton09. Loretta Anné
03. Shannon Rubin07. Cody Schulman10. Mark Clapsaddle
04. Bob Hamilton (hiding)

There was a lot of socializing while we waited for everyone to arrive and get prepared.
(l to r) Michelle Hazlett, Bob Hamilton, Mary Clapsaddle

(l to r) Trish Hamilton, Linda Utz, Loretta Anné, Michelle Hazlett

(l to r) Dave Murton, Bonnie Murton, Wes Hyde

Time to load up.
Please put your seats in their full upright and locked position

No, we don't have a jetway

Those also serve who only sit and watch.

What goes up must come down. The law of gravity remains in effect for another day.

Smooth landings are required for a successful jump.
The things I do for my father-in-law

OK Dad, Happy Birthday

Wow! Let's do it again

Messed up my hair

I did it! Yes I did!

Somewhere in here Bob Hamilton changed his shirt (was it just his shirt?)
Three proud amigos

From the Air Park, we went to Mary's house for a birthday party. Our hosts were the Clapsaddles and Hamiltons. Bob calls this his blended family.

(l to r) Erik Clapsaddle, Alan Clapsaddle, Tom Hamilton, Andy Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Mary Clapsaddle

Folks enjoyed listening to Joe Reus tell stories from his book about his time as a POW in WWII.

Can't have a party without ...
a cake with "85" candles ...

... and some gag gifts for the Birthday Boy

Bob is already working on something spectacular for his 90th.

It was a great day. Thanks to all for making it happen and for inviting us.