Friday, August 15, 2014

TB3F69V – Andy the Adams

GC5A0JK, Flash Mob
Elysburg, PA
GPS: 40.879000, -076.505000

My mission is to carry the Project Healing Waters message to flyfishermen in all 50 states.

Andy the Adams

This is a second life for Andy the Adams. This time it is a laminated business card with the tracking code displayed prominently on the face of the card and a message on the back. In the first life, this travel bug was a piece of paper inside a film canister, blue body, green top, attached to an actual TB. I launched Andy the first time in Panhandle National Forest in August 2010. It disappeared sometime in 2012 after having logged 4,129 miles and 37 posts. I pulled back the travel bug number and relaunched Andy in GC5A0JK, Flash Mob in Elysburg, PA on 15 Aug 2014. I guess there is some slim chance that the original might show up.

First Launch

The Adams is probably the most famous fly in all of history. It’s carried in the fly boxes of fishermen in every country where trout are found. It can be used in a variety of waters, and, with its brownish-grayish coloration it imitates generally acceptable food items found almost anywhere in trout fishing environments. Most fishermen would agree that if they were allowed to use only one dry fly pattern — it would be the Adams.

The Adams

Andy is one of twelve characters created by artist Kirk Werner for three books designed to introduce children to fly fishing.

Book Series by Kirk Werner

I have created a Trackable for each character. If you would like to see them all, here are the Geocaching Travel Bug Numbers: TB3E3X5, TB3E3Y2, TB3E3X7, TB3F6AD, TB3F69B, TB3F6AW, TB3F69V, TB3F69Z, TB3F6AV, TB3F6A3, TB3F6A5, TB3F6A0.


TB3F69V – Andy the Adams

TB3F6AD – Billy the Blue-Wing Olive

TB3F6AW – Ernie the Elk Hair Caddis

TB3F6AV – Gilbert the Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear

TB3E3X5 – Mr. Muddler the Muddler Minnow

TB3E3X7 – Olive the Woolly Bugger

TB3F69B – Pete the Prince Nymph

TB3F69Z – Polly the Partridge & Orange

TB3F6A3 – Randal the Royal Coachman

TB3F6A5 – Sally the Yellow Sally

TB3F6A0 – Stan the Stimulator

TB3E3Y2 – Zachary the Purple Zonker

Pictures of all of us – just pictures


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Project Healing Waters

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