Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TGO Property

The Great Outdoors RV Park, Titusville, FL

Occasionally someone asks me about the accommodations at TGO and I relate the following. There are

1. PADS: all with water, electric, sewer, cable. Some may have a storage shed or a Gazebo.

2. PORTS: a pad with a roof over it high enough to accommodate just about any RV. Most include a building, usually called an "executive suite" (LOL). This building can range from a rudimentary bathroom (and storage room) to a livable apartment. Suffice it to say it is much more than a storage shed.

3. HOUSES: ranging from modest to decadent. The common denominator is that they all have a garage or car port big enough and high enough to accommodate an RV.

4. PARK HOMES: Park Homes are another lifestyle available at The Great Outdoors. Besides the park home itself, many have site-built additions which provide additional living space, large porches, or extended RV parking. Most park homes come completely furnished - ready to move in! Similar in style to a "mobile" or "modular" type home, park homes are an affordable answer to resort living.

4. COTTAGES: typically very small. These are a recent addition to the community. They are intended for those seniors who have aged out of the RV life style but want to remain in the community while downsizing. Here are a few.