Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lewisburg Meet and Greet Recap

Lewisburg Area Recreation Park
Lewisburg, PA
GPS: 40.964347, -076.899345

Our first event is in the books. I consider it a success although my universe for comparison is very small. Everyone who responded showed up and we had some interesting discussions. They represent a total of 15,143 caches found and the two hosts are way behind the other folks.

    Dig Teamsters (Gale) -- 9,280
    2catsnj (Nancy and Jay) -- 4,614
    trscorbin -- 413
    the brawlers -- 188
    C-Squared Pirates (Clare, Chris, and Callie) -- 439
    pacardshark (Burt) -- 134
    MnsfldDad (Bill) -- 8
    flyfishercacher (Bob and Michelle) -- 67

All attendees were Geocachers. trscorbin arrived first, so she gets the FTF honors. No Letterboxers showed up. Shame. Our letterbox "followthecougar" is still waiting for its first stamp.

I put out my first Munzee right at the event coordinates. No one came prepared to find it, in fact no one even knew what MUNZEE was all about.

2catsnj brought TB 5Z2X7 "Eva's Wave Rider Racer" to our event. Here is the description for this TB
I'm in a race with 4 other travel bug cars! We started in York, Pa. and we are racing to the Pacific Ocean and back. Please help me on my journey and help me finish first! I must touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and then make it back to a geocache somewhere in York County, Pa. I get extra points for every photograph that gets uploaded of me with a different geocacher, so please document your part of my journey and share it. Thanks for your help!
This TB was launched in York, PA, just 87 miles south of here, on 10 Nov 2013. It has made zero progress west. MnsfldDad will take it to Texas in a couple weeks. That should help.

trscorbin picked up my TB61D99 "Wounded Warrior 2", but my three remaining Healing Waters TBs are still in the nest.

Michelle's and my name tags got discovered, as did car window decals belonging to me, MansfldDad, and the brawlers.

I was very surprised to learn that none of these local geocachers had met each other. They all knew each other's handle and had found each other's caches but never met in person. It took two out-of-towners like me and MnsfldDad to make that happen. Someone local needs to step up and sponsor more events.

I learned a lot about putting on an event:
    Pick a public location with parking and restrooms and not requiring a permit
    Get the listing up early
    Make up signs to assure that your site is easily found
    Make a checklist so that you don't forget anything
    Check the site the day before to verify condition and availability

Here are pictures of some of the folks who attended

the brawlers
C-Squared Pirates (Clare, Chris, and Callie)
Dig Teamsters (Gale) with 2catsnj (Nancy and Jay)

We published two pictures in the geocache listing to lead people to the event.
Park Entrance
Event Location

Maybe we'll do another one in Florida.