Monday, February 27, 2017

Our Cougar Is Back

Titusville, FL

The Cougar has been gone for quite a while, having the damage from our accident last November repaired. Recall our adventure where we went from this ...
... to this

While it was gone we had the garage floor redone so the parking space would befit the new face to be parked there.

Refinished Garage Floor

Welcome Home

Eagle's Pride did a beautiful job repairing our mess – both outside and inside. Eagle's Pride is our own RV Sales, Parts, and Service facility here in The Great Outdoors RV Resort

Outside looks brand new

Inside too

The front cap had been showing its age and wear and tear, so we had it repainted and new decals put on. The original decals were unavailable, so they went to other available decals and it looks just fine.

I'm happy to have the Cougar back. I think I hear her purring. Oh no, that's me.

We are excited to get summer 2017 underway – The Great River Road. My "Hitch Itch" needs scratchin'