Thursday, October 24, 2013

Workamper News Rendezvous -- Day 3

Wagon Circle RV Park, Heber Springs, AR (35.449483, -91.911632)

Today was the last day of the seminar. Three days is about right. My tank is just about full and I think most others feel the same. The first block was a Steve Anderson recap intended to make sure we believed we got our money's worth. Both Michelle and I feel we did.

There were no unattended seminars we believed we should try to catch on this last morning. So Michelle went to The Cure for the Website Blues presented by Luke and Jody Duquette which I attended on Tuesday. I attended What Every RV Driver Needs to Know given by Bob Hill which Michelle attended on Tuesday.

Today for lunch we got back to reality with an uneventful lunch at McDonalds. Nothing more need be said about that.

This afternoon was our turn to moderate a Round Table session. We related our workamping experiences to three audiences. We talked about our time at the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Joshua Tree National Park, and included a little bit about decorating the Rose Parade Float. Everyone seemed interested and we got plenty of questions. When I mentioned that our Black Hills experience was the subject of an article in the July issue of Workamper News Magazine, I got a lot of sounds of approving recognition from the audience ... "oh, you're that guy".

Our subscription to Workamper News expired recently. I delayed renewal hoping to get some super deal here at the Rendezvous. During this week, the two best deals for us boiled down to 1) Workamper Gold for Life membership subscription, and 2) Terry Cooper's Take Home Technician RV Maintenance Program After considerable discussion, we decided to sign up for Workamper Gold for Life ("such a good deal I got for you") now and buy the Maintenance Books later. I think Michelle attending the website seminar convinced her that the package was worth buying. The "Gold" package gives us unlimited access to every product. The "For life" offer (which expires at the end of this rendezvous) gives us that access for no additional fee for life. Since they are intending to raise prices in January, now is the time (how about that).

I need to say a few words about the Book Store WKN set up here at the Community Center for the duration of the Rendezvous. They had lots of books, CDs, and DVDs related to workamping and the RV lifestyle. It must have been good because it was always crowded and by the end almost everything was sold.

After our buying business was complete, we sat around and chatted with Brad & Joy Riza for about an hour. He is a retired Air Force Chaplin. We met them on Tuesday. Somehow they learned we are also retired military and they were interested in learning about our adventures from a retired military perspective. So we are now 'new best friends'.

This evening was the end of course social. WKN sponsored a "BBQ and Entertainment Evening by the Lake" at the Dam Site Campground Group Pavilion.

We got to meet the few remaining folks we had not crossed paths with during the week and chat more with those we had ...

... and the food was good.

Yesterday I commented about Terry Cooper's cool truck. In the interest of fairness, I should say that Steve has a cool one too. Neither is one I would use to take a lovely lady to dinner, but both have tax benefits I'm sure.

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