Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Workamper News Rendezvous -- Day 1

Wagon Circle RV Park, Heber Springs, AR (35.449483, -91.911632)

Bright and early this morning we (and most others in the campground) headed to the Heber Springs Community Center for the first day of our learning experience. The Heber Springs Community Center is an excellent venue for this event. Spacious conference rooms, ample parking, and nearby restaurants made attendance quite comfortable.

After registration and a continental breakfast, Steve Anderson started with a welcome, get acquainted kickoff session designed to get us hyped up for the three days ahead. This kind of activity really doesn't turn me on but I understand the need, so I endure.

For the first block, Michelle attended the session What Every Driver Needs to Know presented by Bob Hill. Devoted to safety tips, guidelines, and instructions on how to drive your RV, the seminar made everyone a better RV driver. Michelle commented that she picked up several important tips. That's good because she does most of the driving.

Meanwhile, I went to the session Proven Prescription for Finding a Workamper Job given by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak. This session focused on steps for finding a workamping job that is a match for you. Several times I found myself thinking "I never thought about that".

Workamper News provided a catered lunch today—giving us a chance to mingle and get acquainted with other attendees. That was a nice touch.

Back to the classroom. For the first afternoon block, Michelle and I attended Taking Care of Yourself: The Proactive Camper given by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak. Focusing on proactive strategies for finding the right workamper job, Jaimie gave a host of ways to root out workamping opportunities. Many good ideas that raised my eyebrows.

In the second block, Michelle attended My RV Kitchen provided by Evada Cooper. This session surprised many who dismissed it as a cooking seminar. Not so. It was devoted to the anatomy of the RV kitchen–how RV kitchen appliances work and ways to use storage space more efficiently. I wish I had attended that one.

My second block was The Cure for the Website Blues presented by Luke and Jody Duquette. Here I got a guided tour of the Workamper News Website. This turned out to be a very worthwhile session. I have used the website previously but just scratched the surface of its capability. I learned a lot more today.

By this time it was getting late and we had had enough. So we headed out for dinner at The Smokehouse Restaurant. There we shared a table with Linda Mclain and Leon Booth. I had a Pulled Pork Dinner and Michelle had half a rack of Ribs. We traded workamping stories as we ate and enjoyed getting to know these two folks.

Our tummies were full and the fatigue of a long day had set in so we headed back to the campground and straight to bed, looking forward to another interesting day tomorrow.

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