Monday, October 21, 2013

A Day In Heber Springs, AR

Wagon Circle RV Park, Heber Springs, AR (35.449483, -91.911632)

We had a beautiful day today but about 1900 this evening the rain started.

Our first order of business was to get clean. Both of us took showers using the campground shower -- very nice. One day I'm going to write an article about campground bathrooms/showers. The quality ranges from spectacularly good to spectacularly bad. This is such a no-brainer that I am constantly perplexed about what I see. That's for another day.

Before heading out, I took a little time finishing off loose ends from yesterday. Although we did not participate, Workamper News held a Pre-rendezvous day here at the campground in the meeting room. The subject was Cooper's RV Discovery Day for Dreamers and it was an all day session.

We headed into the town of Heber Springs to explore. Wagon Circle RV Park is considered in the boondocks southwest of town. Driving to Heber Springs gave us a new perspective on the word "boondocks". Along our five mile drive, we passed several gated communities with very expensive houses. No Klampetts here. If a summer home in the Arkansas hills is on your list, you better check out this area.

With no firm plan in mind, we decided to start at the Workamper News office, which was at the far end of town from our entry point. So we got a view of the town as we proceeded. At the office, we picked up some more information about the rendezvous and the town of Heber Springs. From there we located the Community Center which is the site for the rendezvous and noted that our daily drive will be ten miles each way.

Using some really bad verbal directions, we tried to find the Chamber of Commerce to get a better map of the area. Finally found it -- closed. We picked up stuff from an outdoor rack and headed to a nearby grocery store for bread.

Heading back along the main drag (2nd Street), we stopped at a tire store to inquire about the low tire pressure we experienced the previous day. Long story short. Opinion was that a drop in pressure from 35 to 28 was too much and that the original filling was probably not pure nitrogen. They refilled all 4 tires with nitrogen up to 40psi for $13. If that price doesn't convince you, then this sign should. You know you're in redneck country when a car dealer offers a free shotgun with every new truck purchase

Time for lunch. We chose a Chinese Buffet and ate too much. It was OK but won't make the list of memorable dining experiences, plus Michelle developed an MSG headache shortly thereafter.

After lunch we drove out of town on the north end to check out the COE campgrounds where I intended to stay if the government had not been shut down while I was making the decision to make reservations.

Heber Springs exists because of Greers Ferry -- lake, dam, campgrounds, and the Little Red River.

Greers Ferry Lake is a favorite water playground nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks in north central Arkansas. This 40,000-acre masterpiece pleases water enthusiasts of all types. The lake is surrounded by an abundance of rock outcropping, trees, and wildlife making it a leading tourist destination.

The lake, formed by Greers Ferry Dam, was completed in July 1964 at a cost of approximately $46.5 million. The lake and dam were dedicated in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, his last public appearance before the fateful trip to Dallas.

Greers Ferry Lake is noted for its pristine shoreline and deep crystal clear waters that provide a wonderful opportunity for enjoying nature at its finest. Excellent camping and hiking facilities are available. The lake has deep clean water for boating, water skiing, and scuba diving. There are vast stretches of water for sailing and other water sports.

The Corps of Engineers operate 10 campsite areas with boat launches, restroom facilities and swimming beaches. There are eight marinas located on Greers Ferry lake that provide rentals of ski boats, pontoon boats, house boats, fishing rigs, and personal watercraft. The marinas provide boat service and sell recreational equipment and other supplies needed for a great lake experience.

The Little Red River Tailwaters downstream of the dam provide excellent fishing.

Learn more here and here

Two of the ten campsite areas -- Dam Site and JFK -- are close to town and very nice. When we checked them, they were almost empty. Either would have been a good bet -- closer and cheaper.

Rain this evening. Feels good listening to the rain when you know you have all the resources you need to stay warm and dry through the night.

Tomorrow we learn.
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