Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiesta Parade Floats 2013 Rose Parade Entries

Pasadena, CA

When we showed up at Fiesta Floats for work we were blown away by the fact that there were ten floats being built simultaneously in one building. Here I want to display all ten from concept to parade day.

Sponsor: City of Torrence
Title: Follow Your Dreams

Sponsor: Dole
Title: Dreaming of Paradise
Award: Sweepstakes Trophy for most beautiful entry

Sponsor: Kaiser Permanente
Title: Oh, The Healthy Things You Can Do
Award: Theme Trophy for best presentation of the Rose Parade theme

Sponsor: Macy's
Title: Presenting the Royal Court

Sponsor: Miracle-Gro
Title: Everyone Grows
Award: Crown City Innovation Trophy for best use of imagination and innovation to advance the art of float design

Sponsor: Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation
Title: Follow the Stars - Adopt a Pet
Award: Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for most beautiful entry from a noncommercial sponsor

Sponsor: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Title: Transforming Communities Through Sisterhood & Service

Sponsor: Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods
Title: Canines with Courage
Award: Past Presidents' Trophy for most creative use of floral and nonfloral materials

Sponsor: Ministery of Tourism & Creative Economies, Republic of Indonesia
Title: Wonderful Indonesia
Award: President's Trophy for most effective use and presentation of flowers

Sponsor: AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Title: The Global Face of AIDS
Award: Queen's Trophy for best use of roses

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