Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Traveling -- a day late

Fiesta Parade Floats Inc, Irwindale,CA Parking Lot

Today turned out to be a travel day instead of a float building day. Yesterday (Christmas), we packed up in anticipation of traveling from Yucca Valley to Irwindale. A trip of 98 miles should have been a piece of cake. We traveled about 100 yards. The brake on the left rear wheel of the fifth wheel seized up whenever we stepped on the brake. So we didn't even get out of Black Rock Canyon Campground. Naturally, being Christmas Day, I could not get any RV service establishment on the phone. So we settled down for an extra day. Packing up and setting up in the same place in one day was a real bummer. Especially since it was blowing rain and snow.

Having had a night to sleep on the problem, I woke with the idea that I could cut the electric wire to the offending wheel brake. That would let me travel, carefully of course, to our next destination. I called both Keystone and Colerain to confirm the workabilty of the solution and they confirmed. We packed up and made the trip to Irwindale. By the time we arrived all of the brakes were acting up but not seizing up.

We set up in the parking lot of Fiesta Parade Floats, met our work contacts, and crashed. What a day.

This is not a campground. There are no hookups. Fiesta Parade Floats allows those volunteers arriving in an RV or towable to boondock in one corner of the parking lot. This week we practiced real boondocking including getting acquainted with our generator and exercising our fresh water bladder system. They both work fine.

45 gallon Water Bladder for Refilling Fresh Water Tank

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