Sunday, October 19, 2014

Goodbye and Hello

Yogi at Shangri La Campground, Milton, PA
GPS: 40.943822, -076.845712

Late October and winter is coming for sure. The rain and wind of the past few days has turned the beautiful fall foliage into a blanket of wet soggy leaves on the ground. Campground workers are getting serious about the chores to batten this place down for the winter. Snowbird WorKampers have been leaving and this morning Lee and Grace Kegresse hit the road for Florida followed shortly by Herb and Pat Myers: also headed to Florida but by way of Toledo,OH. Now there are only four left. In the next few days we all will be gone. Our last work day was last Friday.

One last hurrah before we leave. This afternoon, Adam, Amy, and the boys arrived for a couple days. They are going to Annapolis for Adam's 15 year class reunion. They flew from Denver to BWI and drove here (about 163 miles). The boys exploded out of the car overflowing with bottled up energy from hours stuck in airplane and car seats. It only took a few seconds to find the playground and begin to unwind. After a bit we took them to the office to meet Becky and Bob and then to their cabin which Ted and Penny had carefully decorated with some Halloween surprises.

The boys helped Gramps build a campfire and for supper we roasted hot dogs and then made smores. The weather was clear and cool all day and with nightfall it got downright cold. Grandma was prepared though. She had bought a Yogi hoodie for each of the boys. So they were comfortable as we sat around the campfire for a short while before bedtime.

It was a "goodbye to some, hello to others" kind of day.
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