Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day to Burn Off Energy

Yogi at Shangri La Campground, Milton, PA
GPS: 40.943822, -076.845712

In our current lifestyle we don't get to see our grandkids very often. Maybe that's a blessing that keeps the relationship fresh. I don't think I could stand the energy level that surrounds three growing boys on a continuing basis. Yesterday was their travel day, so they were overflowing with unburned calories. Today was a day to get rid of most of it.

We spent a couple hours in Lewisburg. Michelle and Amy did a laundry, then took the boys to Lewisburg Area Recreation Park; Adam and I went to Barnes and Noble for a good internet signal. For lunch we used up a couple Subway gift cards and had subs at the cabin.

In the afternoon, a couple hours at the playground burned off some more enegry.

I enjoyed watching how three boys can make a baseball game with only three people.
Mom and Dad jumped in to help now and then.

It wouldn't be autumn in the eastern United States without jumping in a pile of leaves ...

... and we needed one more campfire.

Andrew is now an expert at building a campfire. Joshua and Benjamin also advanced their skills. All three were very respectful of fire and careful in handling it.

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