Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bar Harbor or is it Baa Habba?

Travel Day 5 -- Timberland Acres RV Park, Trenton, ME (44.507341,-68.388820)

Even though today was a short trip, we got off to an early start at 0730 EDT for our 208 mile five hour run from Kittery, ME to Bar Harbor, ME.

Our one fuel stop was at West Gardiner Service Plaza on the Maine Turnpike. That turned out to be an exceptionally educational fuel stop and I did a separate post on the Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) that I encountered there.

We pulled into Timberland Acres RV Park just after noon. This RV Park is in Trenton, ME on the mainland just across the bridge from Bar Harbor, ME.

Several caravan members including Carole and Nelson Hommel have already arrived, so we visited a bit and started meeting caravan members. Conversation started with stories about the road trip from Florida but it didn't take long for it to turn to DINNER. Everyone is ready for some real seafood and this area has an abundance of "Lobster Pounds". A Lobster Pound is a very simple eating establishment (many times just picnic tables) with big steaming vats outside. Lobsters, clams etc go straight into the steamer and then directly on your plate.
A meal is a glorious mess. Everyone needs a bath by the end. So most of us went to the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound for a lobster dinner. Michelle gave lessons on how to eat a lobster.

This caravan is actually about to begin. Our first signup meeting was over a year ago. Departure time has finally arrived.

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