Thursday, June 20, 2013

Acadia National Park and Dinner with Friends

Travel Day 7 -- Timberland Acres RV Park, Trenton, ME (44.507341,-68.388820)

Geography lesson. You may not need this but I did and I've been here before. This is my effort to get these often confused words straight: Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Mt Desert Island, Trenton, Trenton Bridge, and Cadillac Mountain.

Mt Desert Island is a very LARGE island located a very LITTLE distance off the coast of the US at Trenton, ME. It is connected to the mainland at Trenton, ME by the Trenton Bridge (imagine that). Mt Desert Island is part of the state of Maine.

Physically located on Mt Desert Island are the town of Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and several small villages. Acadia National Park property occupies nearly half of the island in several disconnected segments plus a scattering of smaller islands, and the Schoodic Peninsula. Schoodic Peninsula is the only section of Acadia National Park that is located on the mainland of Maine. Shared by the towns of Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor, the peninsula is in a more secluded type setting. Spectacular panoramic views of Frenchman Bay and Mount Desert Island can be seen from Schoodic Head's 440 foot high point. The town of Bar Harbor is not part of Acadia National Park. Cadillac Mountain (44.352624,-68.225101) is part of Acadia National Park and is the highest elevation (1,530 ft.) on Mt Desert Island. If you stand on Cadillac Mountain at dawn you will be the first person in the US to see the sunrise.

Michelle and I spent the day walking and driving around Mt Desert Island. We drove up to the Cadillac Mountain parking lot and spent about an hour taking in the scenery from the "summit". Cadillac Mountain is a famous and well-worn tourist site, so the road and walking paths are paved and well maintained. This is definitely not wilderness. The town of Bar Harbor is in the background behind Michelle.

Our next stop on the Park Loop Rd was Thunder Hole. This was impressive to me. My favorite photography subject is "water on rocks". I am always a little bit in awe with the "irresistible force meeting the immovable object" for millions of years past and still working at it. I also love the sound of waves crashing on rocks. That sound is amplified significantly at Thunder Hole and it changes volume and tone as the tide changes.

This evening was spent with friends. George and Gloria Bursey are friends from The Great Outdoors. While wintering in Florida at The Great Outdoors they live on Fawn Trail. Their primary home is in Trenton, ME. It is a beautiful waterfront property that can be seen from Trenton Bridge as you leave Mt Desert Island heading north. This evening Nelson and Carole Hommel, Ruth and Bernie MacDonald, and Michelle and I took them to dinner at Jasper's Restaurant in Ellsworth. I had the Haddock Special and Michelle had Swordfish.

In case you're wondering, the signal flags across the top of the sign spell J-A-S-P-E-R-S. No flag for the apostrophe.

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