Friday, September 2, 2011

Another day in Birmingham

Hotel, Birmingham, AL

I did not note or record today's temperatures but it was still brutally hot.

We slept in. No need to get up and go out into the heat early, since the truck would not be done early and the Capture Plate was not expected until afternoon.

About noon we went to the Dodge dealer and found the truck finished and waiting for us.

It took about an hour to get squared away with Enterprise Car Rental and get our bill paid at the Dodge dealer. I should note that we have a repair policy with Dodge so our truck problem only cost us the cost of the rental car -- $40. I was glad to see at least one part of our Birmingham adventure over and done with.

Safely back in our own truck, I called the Pullrite dealer and learned that our Capture Plate had arrived.

The Pullrite dealer is located on the opposite side of Birmingham so the round trip took awhile. Again I applaud the GPS function in my phone, it got us easily through the surface streets of a big city.

Back at the Wal-Mart parking lot, I installed the new Capture Plate without incident.

By then it was too late to depart for Florida, so we resigned ourselves to another night in Birmingham.

Still hot, hot, hot meant another night in the hotel. However we hooked up the Cougar and moved it to the Cracker Barrel parking lot next to our hotel. We left the rig hooked up and ready to go tomorrow morning.

Our stay in Birmingham was intended to be two nights in a Corps of Engineers campground. Total cost about $30. Instead it was four nights and the bill was over $500.

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