Saturday, September 3, 2011

Florida finally

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, Blountstown, FL

Today we got back on the road. We left our hotel in Bessemer, AL at 8:50 AM and travelled 302 miles in 8:40 hours to Blountstown, FL.

The most interesting event today was just a few minutes after we started. As we got on to the Interstate, traffic headed toward Tuscaloosa was at a stand still. It was 9AM and Tuscaloosa was 60 miles away. WOW! "Roll Tide" and we were glad to be headed the opposite direction.

We rolled into Blountstown at 5:30 PM. We pulled into a shopping center and called Brenda Klingler at the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement. She came to lead us in and became our neighbor for the next two months. We are glad this trip is over and we look forward to our adventure here.

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