Friday, May 5, 2017

Lunch With An Old Friend

Osprey Cove RV Park
US Naval Station -- Mayport
Mayport, FL
GPS: 30.378405, -81.404034

Today was a different kind of day for us. We didn't do any tourist things. We drove into Jacksonville to have lunch with Dan Bessman. Dan was our son Adam's college roommate for four years at the US Naval Academy, then Best Man at his wedding. Dan stayed in the Navy and is currently stationed at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. We haven't seen him since their fifteen-year reunion three years ago.

We had lunch at the Maple Street Biscuit Company. That is a new location for us. The menu was different and the food was good. It was good to catch up on his family and his Navy career. Both are doing well. Dan is at the eighteen-year decision point which every career military officer faces. I remember it well. He is the proud father of three lovely daughters and his eyes light up when he talks about them. Well done Daniel.


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