Saturday, August 8, 2015

Workamping to Explore

Workamping can provide a base for exploring new places and enjoying new experiences.

The operative part of 'workamping' is WORK – in most cases a job. You provide a specified amount of labor and part of your compensation is a campsite with hookups. Most employers expect you to commit to their full season. Michelle and I have done that several times with satisfactory results. We prefer less restrictive situations, i.e., fewer hours and shorter durations.

For us the operative part of 'workamping' is TRAVEL. Our goal is to spend time in out–of–the–way, interesting places without paying full freight at campgrounds; and without signing up for the whole summer. I am not opposed to routine chores but I seek out unusual tasks – doing things I have never done before. For example, I have restored antique farm tools, fed and watered wild horses, and built a railroad. For us workamping is the way to get free camping rather than make money.

Our favorite situations have come from volunteering with non–profit organizations. I offer a sixty day commitment, a maximum of twenty hours per week from each of us, and no wages. In return, I ask for a full hookup campsite. We try to work a schedule that gives us time off together for exploring. If our services are satisfactory, I expect a letter of reference at the end of the assignment.

Most of our situations are looking for a 'little help', not an employee. They are thankful to avoid the expense, paperwork, and hassle that go with employment. We are pleased to avoid the tax implications of working in several states in one year.

Finding these situations is not easy. We find opportunities on Workers On Wheels, Workamper.News, and Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners but I also do a lot of web searching and follow–up research. I save articles about places that look interesting and communicate with them about workamping possibilities.

We have been doing this for five years. We have enjoyed experiences in Florida, South Dakota, California, and Pennsylvania. This summer (2015) we are experiencing New Mexico, and North Dakota. Our shortest experience was one week decorating a Rose Parade float; our longest was four months feeding and watering wild horses.

Using workamping as an exploration tool has been rewarding for us. It has allowed us to see places we would have otherwise missed and it has led me into a new hobby – blogging. I use Google Blogger to keep and publish our travel experiences. Click on the 'Workamping' link in the right hand column of this blog post to see our other adventures.

Do you enjoy finding new adventures, seeing new places, and meeting interesting people? Try Workamping to Explore.

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