Saturday, July 11, 2015

Travel and Reunion (and Soccer)

Adam's Home
Highlands Ranch, CO
GPS: 39.557037, -104.950639

Travel Day 12 – Raton, NM to Highlands Ranch, CO

Yesterday and today were different than most of our travel days. Tricia and Ava were with us on the road with the Cougar. Yesterday they were apprehensive about the sleeping arrangements. I think we assuaged their concerns because they slept well.

We can accommodate two people overnight.
Any more – get a hotel

Travel today was a simple straight distance of 210 miles – through the Raton Pass then flat land to Denver with the landscape of the Rocky Mountains on the left all the way. It should have been less that four hours.

As we made our way north, we received several phone calls from Adam inquiring about our progress and telling us that the boys were participating in a soccer tournament in the afternoon and that he had tickets for all of us to attend a Colorado Rapids professional soccer game in the evening. So instead of heading to his house, which is south of Denver, we traveled to the tournament being held north of Denver.

We joined up in Broomfield after winding our way through downtown Denver on a Saturday afternoon. Lots of hugs and kisses as Ava and the boys got reacquainted having not seen each other in several years.

Ava and Joshua get reaquainted

Andrew played

Joshua played

Ben got involved whenever, wherever with anyone who would kick a ball with him

When they weren't playing, they were watching

Josh's team won third place.

Adam treated us to a nice dinner, then we headed to east Denver to Dick's Sporting Goods Park for an evening of professional soccer with the Colorado Rapids. Remember that we were still dragging the Cougar behind us, so I considered us still on the road.

Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO

Major League Soccer is still a family thing

Finally, we did the last twenty–five miles back to Adam's house, arriving about 10 PM, and called this day "done". Our day, which was supposed to be 210 miles and four hours, turned out to be 277 miles and fifteen hours. I don't think anyone realized how tired Grandma and Gramps were. I don't remember going to bed.

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