Saturday, May 2, 2015

From Chickens to Alligators

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch
10300 Hwy 90
Moss Point, MS 39562
GPS: 30.435717, -88.437733

Travel Day 2 – Monticello, FL to Pascagoula, MS

We bid farewell to Bobbie Golden and were on the road by 0745. We covered the 310 miles to our second night's stop in 7:45.

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch is also a Harvest Host member. They stay alive by selling airboat rides into the swamp along with a store selling alligator theme trinkets. You all know exactly what I'm talking about.

I checked in at the store where only one of the fellows working there even had a clue about Harvest Hosts. He advised that we could park anywhere in the parking lot. We set up along the outer edge of the lot.

I spent some time in the store trying to be a 'good ole boy' chatting with the fellows working there. They were polite but their lack of interest was pretty obvious. It was Saturday evening about quitting time and they had no desire to chat with some strange old man who just set up an RV in their parking lot. At 5:01PM, the door was locked and they were all laying down a dust storm getting out of the parking lot.

5:02PM, Saturday evening

We had the place to ourselves for the rest of the evening and night. Total peace and quiet with a full moon; broken only by the whistle and rumble of freight trains passing very close to the property.

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