Friday, December 12, 2014

The Wolf Pack is in Florida

N. Apollo Blvd & Sarno Rd
Melbourne, FL
GPS: 28.121442, -080.638535

Today we went to Melbourne, FL (about 45 miles south of The Great Outdoors RV Park) to visit with Burt and Dori Staman at the christmas tree lot they operate between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We met Burt and Dori during our 2014 summer workamping job at Yogi at Shangri La Campground in Milton, PA. We resolved to meet up while we were all in Florida this winter.

Last summer Burt gave me the address. I used Google Maps to pinpoint the intersection and get the GPS coordinates which I included in my contact list as part of the address. When we reached the intersection there was no mistaking their location. Wolf Pack (the name of their Fifth Wheel) is always easy to spot.

Wolf Pack is always a prominent landmark

Operating a tree lot is a 24/7 job, but most of the traffic comes in the afternoon and evening. The job at night is to protect the inventory. Their dog Pepe is in charge of that. They advised us to come in the morning and join them for an early lunch. We did.

About noon, customers start showing up

Hauling the tree to the car
is part of the job

The tree lot is owned by a North Carolina tree grower and the supply of trees is refreshed every couple days.

Tree prices range from $20 to $350. $350!!!!! Yep – and they sell. People with really big houses and businesses such as auto dealers and banks buy the big trees for their lobby and don't even blink at the price.

The Stamans operate the tree lot from Thanksgiving to Christmas eve. They spend January to March at their home in Lake Placid, FL before heading back to Yogi at Shangri La Campground in Milton, PA for their summer job.

Dori made a delicious chili for lunch. Michelle brought a really good cherry filled Rugula pastry that she picked up at the Farmers Market in The Villages yesterday. Since Burt and Dori were "on duty" we ate outside amid the aroma of freshly cut Christmas trees. It was cold.

Chili, Cornbread, Rugula, and good company
makes a cold damp day feel just fine

It was good to see Burt and Dori again. We had a nice visit.

Dori, Burt, Michelle
A thorn between two roses

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