Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Fundy Trail

Travel Day 12 -- Century Farm Family Campground, St Martins, NB, CA (45.351482, -65.544069)

Today began with a pancake breakfast in the campground rec hall hosted by Byard & Linda Moran the owners of the campground. They even provided a Fiddler for breakfast entertainment.

Rec Hall at Century Farms Family Campground

Our adventure today was to drive the Fundy Trail Parkway with Bob Hamilton and Mary Clapsaddle. We had a good time and the following paragraphs and pictures taken directly from the brochure and website explains it much better than I can.

The Fundy Trail opens up previously unreachable areas of the Bay of Fundy coastline and panoramic views. The 16 km (10 miles) trail begins just outside St. Martins, New Brunswick (45.420339, -65.406011).

The New Brunswick Bay of Fundy Coastline

The Fundy Trail is a wheelchair-friendly coastal access network which includes a low-speed auto parkway with scenic lookouts, a pedestrian/bicycle trail, footpaths to beaches and river estuaries, and an Interpretive Centre. The Fundy Trail Parkway is operated by a non-profit organization.

Observation Decks are frequent along the Fundy Trail

Visitors can choose to drive on the paved auto parkway hugging the coastal cliffs or hike or bike the trails, which connect to paths and stairways down to pristine beaches with tumbling waterfalls, Pre-Cambrian rocks and towering 150m to 250m cliffs at water's edge.

Kiakers observe one of the many interesting
rock formations along the coastline

The Fundy Trail hosts visitors who come by car, bike, tour bus or on foot to view the natural, unspoiled beauty of the Bay of Fundy coast and, at the Interpretive Centre at Big Salmon River, learn about the history of what was once a vibrant fishing, logging and shipbuilding community.

Wildlife, marine and plant life can be sighted in their natural habitat along the auto parkway and bicycle/footpaths as well as from the lookouts and observation decks.

A high point of the trail is the suspension bridge over Big Salmon River. We had to check it out.

Suspension Bridge over Salmon River
Picture taken from adjacent highway bridge

Our route home took us back to the Caves Restaurant for lunch. Michelle and I split a Fish & Chips lunch. I don't remember what Mary and Bob had, but I do remember we all had some of that ice cream that we didn't get last night.

Michelle took the truck to town for our first fill-up in Canada. She returned with a glazed look. The gas pump of course was counting in Canadian dollars and metering in liters. So the final total was very confusing and very expensive. The price worked out to be about $6 per gallon.

At the campground, I took care of a couple chores. I finished putting the shower back together and sealed the seams with a clear silicone caulking. I also dumped the black and gray tanks, anticipating tomorrow's travel.

I want the silicone to have time to harden, so tonight I took my shower in the campground shower. Then to bed thinking about our second "wagon train" adventure tomorrow.

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